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Tina Hong: Practice Representative & Certified Life Coach

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Bob Bodor: Help With His Back

Cheryl Baldwin: Headache Problems

Craig Lindsey: Head Golf Professional

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Juan Correa: Shoulder, Back & Hip Injuries

Kristy Ball: Back & Leg Pain

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Karen Delavan: Neck Pain And Numbness

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Stephanie Guerrero: Problems With Migraines

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Zack Alcorn: Minor Scoliosis

Deborah Golden: Firefighter

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Dr. Ed Zampella: Neurosurgeon

Jennylee Cunningham: Pilates Instructor

Alicja Mackowiak: Pain & Migraines

The Knuth Family: Help For The Whole Family

Jim Huettenmoser: Extreme Lower Back Pain

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Schlobohm for years. He has helped us through various aches, pains and injuries. In following his regimen of chiropractic care, physical therapy, home exercises and vitamin supplements we see great results. We were really happy with the results from the Standard Process cleanse that he guided us through. We felt more energy and lost 6-8 pounds. Thank you, Dr. Schlobohm, for your genuine concern for our health, great advice and thorough care.

Gina E.


I’ve been a patient for the last couple of months and have already seen dramatic improvements. The custom orthotics have really helped my knee issues and the numerous adjustments have really helped increase my mobility. Highly recommend these guys.


Absolutely the best!

I have been a patient for years and they have helped me be a better fitter and stronger woman/athlete. I could have never made it through my first half marathon with out them. Recently, I woke up and completely out of the blue I had developed vertigo. I called up NPC and they brought me in right away. After just one adjustment and 24 hours of rest, my vertigo was gone and I was back up and running.

Jennifer R.

I don’t know what I would do without your practice. I was in horrible pain years ago with sciatica and that pain is long gone! I continue with treatments on a monthly basis to stay pain free. Whenever I do have a problem with my knee, elbow, etc. Dr. Mark makes the pain go away! It is truly a miracle.

– Paula W.