With over 19 years experience in public speaking Dr. Schlobohm can tailor programs to meet the specific needs of your club, organization or work place. He is also available for on site lectures/workshops at your business or organization. Some topics covered:

Living well for the next 100 years:

Age Proof Your Body
Live Healthier…Longer
Peak Performance
Proper Nutrition
Stress Reduction
Back and Neck Injury and Prevention

What Position Does Chiropractic Play In Sports?

Secrets Of The Pros

Golf workshop:
Learn how to lower your handicap, add more power and distance to your
game and play eighteen holes of PAIN FREE GOLF.
Golf as well as all sports causes many spinal injuries. Whether you
experience the physical pain or the mental pain of not performing your best,
this workshop will show you how golf-specific fitness can increase your
enjoyment of the game. Learn simple conditioning tips to prevent injury,
increase drive distance and lower your handicap. We have scheduled new dates for the 2014 season. If you are interested please visit www.npcfreegolf.com or contact info@npchiro.com

If you would like to schedule a lecture or sign up for a workshop contact Marie Carrera at info@npchiro.com or call 908-665-1818