COVID Announcement

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Office Promotions

To all our patients and friends,

Our office is open on a limited basis. Due to high demand we have expanded our hours. Hours are strictly by appointment.

Chiropractic care is essential services and we will see established patients on a limited basis. We are also available for emergency New Patients. The health and safety of our community is our first priority at New Providence Chiropractic.

We are providing care for chronic pain, patients in need for pain management, new injuries, have acute new condition or an exacerbation to a prior condition. This will lessen the burden on emergency rooms and urgent care centers dealing with the influx of coronavirus patients. Going to the emergency room for pain or other urgent care centers at this time remains risky for obvious reasons.

We have a very strict protocol on seeing patients. All patients coming in for treatment MUST WEAR GLOVES AND A PROTECTIVE FACE COVERING as directed by our Governor and public health officials. Our staff is equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment, and we have implemented all recommended protocols to treat you safely.

You will be pre-screened by our staff and Physicians to determine if you can safely be treated before making appointment.

If you are in the at risk group with the following:
  • over age 65
  • have predisposing lung conditions
  • have diabetes or cardiovascular disease
  • have immune-deficient and underlying heath conditions
  • Recent Cancer Survivors and Those receiving cancer treatment
  • If you are experiencing the following: feel ill, cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, sore throat and loss of smell or taste
You May be advised not to come for an appointment if any of the above applies. However, special arrangements can be made if it is an Emergency.
As a Thank You, we will be providing free services to front-line medical workers, EMT’s, Police officers and those other essential workers in the community who are bravely putting themselves at risk for the greater good.
While we would love treat you all for your Maintenance and Wellness visits, unfortunately this is not the time yet. If you feel that your condition is progressing or getting worse, please contact us.
Stay safe and well,
Mark Schlobohm, D.C. and Staff