Elevate Your Workout With Chiropractic

Getting adjusted before a workout can really help you by removing pressure on the spinal nerves, relaxing your muscles, making you more flexible and helping you enjoy a more efficient workout! Come talk to Dr. Mark Schlobohm and our team at New Providence Chiropractic...

Get Help For Your Back Pain

Getting help for your back pain doesn’t have to mean surgery or years of pain medication! Come talk to Dr. Mark Schlobohm and our New Providence Chiropractic team to find out how we can get you feeling great again!!!

Get Help For Your Tension Headaches

Many things can cause tension headaches, like repetitive activities, poor posture and stress. If your tension headaches don’t go away or become chronic, come see Dr. Mark Schlobohm and the team at New Providence Chiropractic. We can help!

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