Chiropractic Care Through Pregnancy

Regular visits to a chiropractor during your pregnancy can address issues of posture and comforts. Additionally, adjustments that re-establish balance and alignment to your pelvis and spine can also be beneficial for your baby. Come see Dr. Mark Schlobohm and the team...

The Text-Neck Epidemic

Long-term forward neck posture, or text neck, can lead to disc herniation and pinched nerves! Come speak to Dr. Mark Schlobohm and the team at New Providence Chiropractic about how we can help you stay healthy, happy and pain-free.

Find Your Peak Potential With Chiropractic

Chiropractic care can help increase your child’s flexibility and range of motion, enhance their coordination and balance, and help to reduce injury. Come speak with Dr. Mark Schlobohm and the New Providence Chiropractic team about how we can help keep your family in...

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